And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Matthew 24: 12


I don’t know about you, but I see this sad and distressing aspect of life every day; there are stories of the cruelties and the hard-heartedness of people in the news daily; there are also situations that most of us have observed first hand where abuse, neglect, oppression, and violence enter into people’s lives. Sometimes the evil of this world walks into our own lives and knocks us to the ground with its devastatingly sudden ferocity. People who know God have essentially two choices to make in response to all of this.


We can develop a mentality that becomes oriented toward self protection; thus, we draw inward and pull those who are close to us into a tight circle around us. Then we expect God to protect us while we wait for Him to remove us from the pain of this world. Unfortunately, I don’t find examples of times or situations where Jesus approached life in this way; He continually faced into the danger and kept reaching out into the lives of the very people who were threatening Him; Christ never stopped loving others, and He always took the risk of entering into relationships in order to clearly show the love that God has for everyone.


Thus, the other response to a world gone mad with selfish desires and the oppression of evil is to keep on loving, never give up on Christ’s call to love totally in His name, and step fearlessly into the lives of people who would otherwise be left with no connection to their God and Father. The voice of evil shouts from every corner of this planet with a shrill cry that is relentless and that purposefully attempts to destroy people’s faith in love and their trust in the existence of the God of salvation. How will you respond to these words of death; whose life is God calling you to enter into today?