Our citizenship is in heaven.

Philippians 3:20a

I live here; this is where all of the visible and tangible things that I do are carried out, and this world’s physical boundaries are what tend to define my home. Yet, Paul saw his world quite differently from just being framed by the people, places, and laws of man that existed where he lived, for Paul was acutely aware of the change in the real, from the heart allegiance that he had sworn when Christ became his Lord and Savior. Then, Paul and everyone else who has entered into the same transforming relationship with God was changed from being a citizen of this world into holding citizenship in heaven.


Citizenship, as used here, is a reference to much more than just the nation that would issue a passport or a statement of allegiance to a particular governmental entity, the word used refers to the concept of living in community, and it implies the existence of a conversation, a dialogue with that community. In Christ, this is what we all gain; we become a participant, not just an observer, in the ancient dialogue between God and people; thus, our world view can become elevated from our earth-bound one to God’s heavenly vista. 


Recognizing this reality and choosing to live in its marvelous possibilities can profoundly alter the way that you and I view our lives, for when we seek to open our hearts and minds to the ongoing conversation that the Lord wants to have with us, and we seek to live each minute of every day with that dialogue guiding our thinking; our understanding of our physical world will be altered. Then we can see the sort of potential that God sees in the people and in the situations that we will encounter, and our hearts will be guided through those encounters by the ever present words of wisdom, grace, peace, and love that come from the Spirit of God.