You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

2 Timothy 2: 1


Evil has a purpose in mind that relates to every person who is alive, and the plan for accomplishing that purpose is well contrived and is fully operational. Satan casts doubt into our paths so that we stop living with the confidence and in the joy of our calling in Christ. He also tries to bring us to a place in our hearts and minds where we are continually struggling against the truths of God’s word and with our own new, redeemed natures, and this is a battle that sucks the energy out of us.


Perhaps the most powerful of all of God’s attributes; thus, His gifts to us, is His grace. It is this remarkable, unending, and total outpouring of the Father’s love that takes the painful poison of sin out of our hearts. Grace sets us free from the oppression of guilt, fear, and the resulting separation from God. We don’t earn it, can’t buy it, and won’t ever use up it’s favor; we can’t control grace, we just need to accept it, and God gives it more willingly than anyone else ever gave anything to anybody.


Living in the center of the glorious truth that we are free from the tyranny of sin’s hold on our hearts is both freeing and mightily empowering. So, we each need to realize that the voices that keep pointing out our weaknesses and our failings are speaking words that are coming from the throat of a defeated enemy. Instead, always turn to the truths that the Lord has given to each of His children and allow His Spirit to fill you with the strength of Christ’s loving grace.