No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.

1 John 4:12


Where will I not find God? He is not in doctrines, creeds, church membership or attendance, and the specific words that I may use to describe Him. I won’t gain deeper understanding of the Lord’s will by debate and disagreement, and it won’t be made any clearer through the process of categorically or specifically eliminating people from my list of the saved. God does not rely on me to define Him, for He is the I Am, the very essence of truth.


God is in this world; His creative touch is in every particle that comprises the smallest microscopic bit of everything; yet, more important than all of that, the Lord is in me and in everyone who accepts His entry into their lives. God’s Spirit breathes His love into my lungs, and love’s molecules flow through my veins and infuse every cell of my body with God’s impassioned presence. The will of the Lord is expressed simply as His desire to have all people voluntarily come to Him and to agree to love Him to the degree that we will, in turn, pour out this God love onto all of the other inhabitants of our world. We find God and come to know Him by allowing Him to love us completely and by doing the same for everyone else regardless of who they are, how they live, or what our prior experiences tell us about them.


Where will I find God today? He is in the hearts and the souls of everyone that I meet, God reveals Himself to me as I care about and for others, and His glory radiates from the hearts of His people to illuminate and to warm this dark and cold planet. Let the passionate love of Christ for all people escape from the confining shell of self and experience God’s will at your finger tips.