Behold, the hand of the Lord is not so short that it can not save;

Neither is His ear so dull that it can not hear.

Isaiah 59:1


In these few words lies an essential aspect of my life and of the lives of everyone who I will encounter in my day. There are situations, circumstances, and times when I get a feeling of being utterly lost; I start to dwell on my failures and short comings and send myself down a trail of depressive sadness. Others that I know and that I encounter are doing the same thing, and the existence of a relationship with God doesn’t prevent this sort of unhealthy thinking; yet, at the same time, it is the answer to it.


I believe that this sort of thinking and the dysfunctional living that is its result are caused by becoming overly self focused, blame oriented, and failing to trust God to be true to His promises. As I become focused on myself, I tend to look only at the old, pre Christ, person, and I start to listen to the lies that Satan is continually telling me about who I am and what I am worth. The truth is that the Spirit of God has taken up residence in me; He has transformed me into a new person who is now conformed to the God-image that is the Lord’s intent for all people; and I live inside of God’s kingdom where His grace permits me to fall down and get up to try again.


In order to prevent this disabling condition, I need to keep my ears attuned to God’s words of truth which are the perfect expression of love, grace, mercy, and encouragement; then, joy and peace will fill my heart as I trust God to the level that I grant Him the exclusive right to speak to my soul and to provide me with direction for life.