For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness.
Galatians 5: 5
Righteousness can be a scary concept, for it implies that there is a standard of living that is all encompassing to the degree that every aspect of my thoughts, actions, and intentions is under review by God and that He compares how I do in life to His benchmark. This is a true statement; however, my Lord already knows exactly who I am, and He completely gets how I function; still, He has accepted me, taken me into His family, and always holds me close to His heart.
So, righteousness is, in fact, something to desire, something to seek after, and something to value. It is a state of being in which our hearts and minds are oriented toward God’s view of living so that we stop looking so intently on ourselves and seeking to fulfill perceived personal needs as our top priority; instead, the Spirit of God leads and directs us to focus outwardly onto others and to see them as Christ does. Righteousness aligns us with God in an intimate and beautifully choreographed life dance.
Righteousness is never about myself; it is always centered on God’s love, and its standards are always applicable to me first. Seek righteousness and you will see the center of God’s heart.