My soul, wait in silence for God only,

For my hope is from Him.

Psalm 62: 5


Waiting can be very hard; waiting in silence can be almost impossible. Doing it in true silence where my mind isn’t relentlessly trying to devise an action plan and where my heart isn’t racing with worry and concern is not within my power. It is human nature to fret, be concerned, and contemplate the worst; this characteristic is part of our survival wiring, and it became necessary for people who live in an evil soaked world.


God says to my frazzled mind, “Be still.” He says to my faltering heart, “Have faith.” The Lord calls to my soul with words of love and comfort. When I silence my voice and allow my heart the opportunity to hear the truths that God is speaking through the ageless winds of mercy, I am filled with the amazingly all sufficient presence of my Creator.


O Lord, You are all that I need for this day; You fill my soul with peace, and Your truth will guide my path.