Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Romans 5: 5


Most things in this world will, in fact, disappoint; all the bright and shiny toys either become dull or break if they are actually used, a new house always will need repairs and repainting, the new car smell quickly becomes the one that is like burned wiring, and all of our relationships develop tension and disagreement. This is the way that this world is, and we can hope for it to be better with all of our heart; yet, that won’t change this fundamental reality.


Still, hope, itself, is a very useful and good characteristic to seek and to develop, for God is the author of true and genuine hope. The Lord gives us the hope of eternity in His company, He presents us with a striking picture of His plan for returning this world to His intended glory, and He has come to reside within each of His children in order to live in and through every moment of our lives with us; thus, the Spirit of God is involved with my life, personally and directly, through every twist and turn that my daily path takes. The Lord infuses each situation that I engage in with the hope of His loving, specific, and absolute protection, care, and direction.


God asks me to trust Him, to have faith in the truth of His word, and to focus on my relationship with His Spirit rather than looking so intently to my own wisdom and toward the external aspects of my life for my direction and sense of worth. My Lord, I pray that I will continually look to your Spirit to guide me ever more deeply into my relationship with You, that I will learn to look continually to You for the hope that I need to function fully throughout this day, and that my heart and mind will stay centered on the fact that every moment of my life is defined by hope because of your presence it.