Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I will be on a short vacation; thus, i will not be adding any new posts until next week.

Bless you,


Thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere.

2 Corinthians 2: 14


The early twentieth century musical team of Victor Arden and Phil Ohman gave us one of the most lasting single lines in popular music when they wrote the title line from I Love A Parade; I think that this is a true statement for most of us; its still true for me after many years of watching and marching in them; I can say with enthusiasm, “I love a parade!” So how much more thrilling is the thought of being in a procession that is headed by Christ, Himself, where you have an honored place of recognition that the Lord placed you in; this is glory, indeed!


This is the promised new reality when we enter into a relationship with Jesus; we have, in that moment, victory over all that has worked to hold us down and to tear us apart; we have entered into the glory of the on going, unending presence of God; and every moment of each day thereafter can be one where we move onward into a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Lord. Unfortunately, I have too many days where I allow the defeated thinking of my old life and the failures and fears of my past far too much prominence; I take actions and make decisions that are based on survival rather than on my already victorious state of being. When this happens, the sweet aroma of Christ that God intends for me to spread through my world becomes the distressing stench of fear, and no one is drawn toward it.


The real remedy to this situation has nothing to do with solving the problems that cause this fearful state, and it has everything to do with it. When I choose to remember who I have become through Christ, and I don’t let that fact escape my mind or my heart for a moment, I can live in the center of that victory parade regardless of what others may try to do to me or what may happen in my life. From this platform of strength and stability, I can respond to the challenges of life in a manner that demonstrates my Lord’s overwhelming love for me and my total confidence in His plan for me. Thus, the marvelous and enticing fragrance of Christ will flow from me to draw the people of my world to its source.