You will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation.

Isaiah 12: 3


Giving my life to Christ, making the decision to serve and to follow Him, leads to a form of freedom that is utterly unique and that is so total that it completely changes the nature of my being. As the very nature of Jesus penetrates to the depths of my soul, I am profoundly changed, and the way that I have thought and lived becomes foreign to my new identity. This is the transformation that Christ brings to my life, and it that permeates the core of my being. Then, what was strange and foreign becomes normal and natural, what was antagonistic becomes comfortable. The Lord works in me and on me to cause the basic orientation of my life to go from one that is distant, separated, and at odds with His will to become one that is close, united, and that understands God’s truth.


God intends for us to find joy in our relationship with Him; He gets pleasure out of seeing us laugh and out of picking up the weight of living so that we can walk through our days with our heads held high and our feet bouncing. Although salvation does refer to the eternal state of our souls, it also applies to the current state of our hearts and minds. Christ saves us from the oppression of guilt and sin; He frees us from the burden of a must do life, and fills us with the water of freedom that establishes a new standard for performance that is dictated by the law of love and grace. We desire to do because the actions bring honor to God and since the result of our actions is to focus others on Him.


Come and join me by planning to go deeply into your relationship with the Lord, let Him fill your being with His peace, comfort, and love; then, let these qualities bring a sense of completeness and understanding to your heart that will spill out to bless the lives of the people that you interact with today. The Lord calls for us to come to Him and to draw upon Him all through our day; He continually gives the water of joy to satisfy the deep thirst of our souls.