Jesus said, “Do not fear, only believe.”

Mark 5: 36b


I believe.

A simple statement that opens the door to a transformed life; it sets in motion a chain of events that has no stopping place in this life and that goes on into eternity.


I believe says:

I can risk taking the first taste,

Being the point person,

Stepping off into the void of space,

Walking along that dark street,

Opening my heart to love.


I believe leads me to say:

I trust,

I have faith,

I yield,

I proclaim His glory.


I believe means:

I am alive, for Christ is alive in me,

Love replaces fear,

Joy removes sorrow,

Hope drives out doubt.


I believe causes me to have trust and faith in the Eternal Constant who won’t let me down, hold me back, or cause me to fail.


I believe in Jesus!