If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9


We get to make choieveryday of our lives; some don’t matter at all, and the choice to follow Jesus changes everything. Even after we have made the decision to follow God by accepting Christ as Savior of your soul, there are still more choices to be made; yet, most of the ones that matter revolve around one more issue of personal resolve. You, I , and everyone needs to choose to yield our own way of thinking and of handling life, surrender our approach to finding satisfaction in life, and provide the openness and the emptiness in our hearts that God will fill with His Spirit.


We don’t like the word, but sin is what gets in the way; our own attempts to hold onto control, our fears of what we will have and of who we will be without our old comfortable patterns of thought and actions, and our hard headed and granite-like hearts that stubbornly refuse to yield to the only One who can teach them how to truly love, this is sin. In and through Christ, it all has been forgiven, God already knows all about every aspect of it, and the Lord will lead us into an infinitely better way of living; so, and I say this to myself, give it all up, yield, surrender, confess, tell God the truth, stop deceiving myself, empty my heart, get on my knees, and accept the forgiveness that is already God’s gift to me. Hiding out, avoiding, procrastination, and stubbornness just serve to put off the inevitable, and they make life into a living hell in the process.


John’s statement here is simple yet truly profound; confess, talk to God about what is damaging your relationships, discuss what is filling you up that is not from His Spirit, and how you are letting your old way of thinking and acting get in the way of growing closer to Him. The Lord promises that He will give us an understanding of His forgiveness and that He will work in us to remove the impediments to righteous thus to joyous living. Finally, God commits to each of us that as we seek Him with a yielded and open heart, He will fill us with the mighty, joyous, and incomparable presence of his Spirit.