The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5: 22, 23


Let me tell you my impression of this statement; it is, that is one big apple, or orange, or banana! These are qualities and characteristics of Christ, and they should be distinctives of people who know Him. The question for myself, the look in the mirror-type examination that I need to do on a regular basis, is how much of this expression of Godliness actually shows on my face?


The Holy Spirit works in my heart, in my inner self, and He works in me to bring out the new person that was created when I accepted Jesus into my life; my human nature, the old person or the one that the Bible often refers to as the flesh, continues to try to be dominate in me; however, the Lord has given me the ultimate gift of a new life in Christ. Yet, it is still up to me to provide God the opportunity to work His miraculous renewal on me. Stated simply, God does what I let Him do and He goes where I let Him go inside of me; I can get in the way, or I can open myself to His Spirit. I am not suggesting that God is not all powerful and that He doesn’t care enough to push His way deeper into my life, He is and He already has pulled me from my old, dead existence; still, He wants me to want to change, for then the transformation is real, and through the process of yielding to the Lord’s will, I relinquish all claim to the accomplishment.


Staying filled with the Spirit of God is a continual and a never ending aspect of life; we are not ever going to be so filled with God’s presence that we don’t need to keep engaged and involved with Him. For me this is a very good thing, for my natural tendencies are to fill myself up on spiritual junk food and, even worse, on things that are toxic for my soul; then, the nutritious and health-giving qualities that are provided by Spirit fruit are missing from my life. I can’t grow fruit myself; it is a gift that God gives to me, for He owns the only tree that produces goodness of the soul. It is up to me to choose to fill my mind, heart, and spirit with God’s Spirit; so that my life will become an even greater expression of these characteristics of Jesus.