But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

Galatians 5: 16


We talk a lot about the joy of living in a relationship with Christ, and this condition of the heart and attitude of the mind is very real to me; yet, there is another quality of the God-me relationship that seems almost contradictory. There is a weightiness to it all that is actually vital for me to take seriously if I am to truly embrace the joy.


Paul is telling us that we should not be light weights as we navigate our way through life; we should be leaving deep, noticeable footprints behind us. Although Jesus promised us that God’s burden is light, what He actually meant was that we would be able to live as the Lord calls us to live due to the supernatural weight handling capabilities of the Spirit of God. In other words, we won’t have to deal with less and what we encounter won’t become less challenging and serious; instead, Christ actually leads us into engagement with people’s lives at the deepest and most real of levels, and we all know that entering into honest and deep interaction with people puts us on a very heavy journey.


For myself, I know that I would prefer to stay on the surface where things are easy and people can always say that they are fine, where smiles are used as greetings instead of tears, and in situations in which everyone can concentrate on me. The Spirit of God doesn’t let me stay there; when I choose to fill myself with the Spirit, He compels me to the deeper engagement. God also drives me away from the self-centered focus that my natural self wants to seek. When I look outwardly with the eyes of God and seek to bring His love into the lives of others, my heart is filled with the joy of Christ’s presence, and the resources, the understanding, and the capability to meaningfully enter into theses lives is provided by God.


Jesus walked with the heavy footprints of a world changer; He calls on us to do the same. Travel through this day with the serious intent to leave behind a noticeable trail of steps that lead straight to the throne of God.