Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!

Isaiah 43: 1b


How much more would you do, what situations you would engage and which lives would you enter into if you truly believed that there was nothing to fear, absolutely nothing that could harm you in any real way. This is what God is promising; we are already redeemed from everything that can hold us down or that constrains us. This includes all of the big deal type things in our lives and it includes each of those nagging little things, too.


Most importantly, it includes our eternal souls, for Christ paid for us with His life’s blood, and that plan of redemption from the death grip of sin was planned from the very beginning of time. The Lord is in control, and this sovereign God knows me by name; He has always known me, and still, He wanted to pay the heavy price of redemption for me. The Lord boldly and proudly claims me as His own!


Therefore, I think that the greatest antidote to the nagging disability that is fear is to claim and to proclaim the personal and specific way that God knows me. The Lord is completely aware of the inadequacies that plague me; He sees the inner working of my heart, and God designed all of my strengths into me, too. Since He is fully aware of what I can do and of the areas where my skills are weakest, the Lord will lead and direct me into places, situations, and relationships where His Spirit will utilize my strengths and where my weaknesses will be supported. 


Claim the reality of how well God knows you and let that strength and courage lead you to seek out someone who can’t make that claim because they do not know God; then, help that person build a bridge across the chasm of fear that separates that person’s soul from eternity.