Day and night they did not cease to say,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.”

Revelation 4: 8b


As I sit here this morning looking out onto Lake Michigan, I see an absolutely undiminished sun rise; there are no clouds, haze, or anything else restricting the brilliant glory of the sun. It is a powerful yet calming picture; the energy and the intensity of the light coming from the sun is set against the horizon wrapping expanse of softly rippled blue that is the lake. This is an intense God revealed in nature type of moment. Yet, this is nothing, this is as the darkest moment in the blackest of nights in comparison to the scene that John is describing from his visionary visit to the throne room of God in Heaven.


Still, in the presence of all that is glorious, those who know and serve God are continually engaged in prayer; they speak their love, understanding, recognition, adoration, and praise for the Lord of the Universe. This is the constant expression of their hearts as they stand before God. I will point out that they do not have any needs, for they reside in the continual presence of God and He has eliminated all needs, worries, and concerns.


Sometimes I wonder if we are not missing something in the way that we approach our relationship with God; consider that, in and through Christ, we, too, do not have any needs that will not be met; our lives are in the hands of the Almighty Lord of the Universe; and He loves each of us totally. Although, I believe completely that God wants us to talk with Him about everything and to take all of our cares and concerns to Him; I do think that most of us don’t spend enough of our prayer time doing what those who are gathered around the throne of God in Heaven are doing; remember, we are there, too.


Here is a challenge for today; as you pray, focus on God Himself; speak of

his character, attributes, and worthiness; as you do this don’t be concerned about repetition, for those who surround God seem to have reduced it all to a few simple phrases. Try this and see how God speakes back to your heart.