Jesus said,

“We must work the works of Him who sent Me, as long as it is day; night is coming when no man can work.”


If you have ever experienced one of those days when the weather changes very rapidly so that a bright, sunny sky changes into something that is the color of mud and motor oil that is poorly mixed, deep browns swirling in a sea of thicker than cement black, then you know how incredibly quickly brightness can become disorienting darkness. At that time, you better know where you are and have a good idea of where you want to go, for there aren’t many visual clues left to navigate by.


Our world has been heading down this path toward darkness for a long time; evil has been working continually and with great diligence to remove the channel markers from our journey so that we can’t find our way home. Although God has promised us that His light will remain in the world in total for a time, He has only promised its permanence to people who choose to know Him personally by claiming Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Still people resist and they postpone entering into this relationship; they don’t want to make the sacrifices, life is still too new and they are exploring its possibilities, they have done too much that is wrong and God couldn’t want them, or the darkness is just a much more comfortable place to be for the way that they want to live at this time. There are as many reasons for rejecting the love offering of Jesus as there are people in this world; still, permanent darkness is coming for them all.


That is why God mandates that we do what Jesus is talking about; right now, during the dimming light of this day, before the storm’s oily blackness enshrouds this world, there is a lost soul in my life who needs to be loved and shown that the never failing light of God’s glory is Christ’s gift for that person. Sharing God, the Father’s, loving truth with our world is what Jesus was sent to do, and this is what He is sending us to do, also. We can bring to light the path to eternity through the lives that we live, the love that we give to others, and by the words of truth that we share. Jesus knew that permanent darkness can come in an instant; an individual’s sunny sky can change into the blackness of Hell in a heartbeat; so now is the time for those who know unending light to do the work that God sends us to do.