My Lord, my God, only Faithful is He who calls you, He will surely do it.

1 Thessalonians 5: 24


The famous Nike slogan Just Do It is an expression that we have all heard and seen; it is an effective piece of ad copy, for it conveys a sense of capability and urgency that connects to an image of performance improvement that is aided by the products. For some of us the doing of it might be something that is easily accomplished, but for me, the readily doable part might end with tying the laces and zipping that perfect workout jacket so that at least I can look sporty while downing my latte. My challenge comes in the part where I am required to engage in the faithful work of exercising in order to actually put that perfect gear to use.


Its in the area of consistent and total application that my mind and my heart break down; I can have the very best of intent and the clearest of vision for how God wants me to live and what He desires for me to do; yet, when the moment of clarity is past, my actions can be very far removed from what the Lord said. This is a frustration for me, and I am certain that it creates confidence issues in the people who I have made commitments to. I am also left wondering how God can not be frustrated and saddened by my failure to trust Him to the degree needed for me to follow through on the simplest of things.


My personal challenge in all of this is that I keep trying to take it all on myself; I seek the perfect gear to enhance my performance, and I believe that I must do certain tasks in order to be prepared for acting upon the things that God seems to be calling me to do. What I am missing in all of this planning and preparation is that I continue to try to accomplish it all for myself. What God wants me to do is to accept that I already have all of the right clothing, complete knowledge and conditioning, and the perfect game plan for exercising the Lord’s will. 


God wants for me to give Him my willingness to trust in His loving purpose. The Just Do IT of my life should be expressed in my openness to follow the Lord in all aspects of it and in every situation that I encounter; the actual doing is wonderfully in God’s hands, and this is a blessing to me that brings peace to my heart.