If the Lord had not been my help, my soul would have lived in the land of silence.

Psalm 94: 17


Cut off, shut out, and with no place to go; this is what life can feel like when the bad seems to be so much greater than the good. It can be like a dream where you are swimming alone in the middle of the ocean when you suddenly forget how to swim, and you realize that you are carrying your most precious possession which weighs several hundred pounds; there just are no good options, no obviously desirable choices, and no one to hear your cries of distress.


We are designed to want to have a voice; we need to have an audience for the joy and for the pain of our days, and our best thinking and problem solving is often accomplished when we can do it with another. God created us to be social and interactive beings; so, this is all normal. Yet, we are told to be quiet, to be strong, to tough it out , and to rely on our own resources; there are many voices that we will hear that say that in order to be fully realized and to become all that we are capable of being that we need to live in our own strength. These are not voices that are speaking God’s truth, and they are not truly leading us in a direction that will improve our quality of life, either. These are the expressions, some well intentioned and some deliberately harmful, of  a perspective on living life that is motivated by evil’s desire to see us separated, isolated, and vulnerable.


The Lord seeks for us to draw near to Him; He will always listen, and He will respond. My loving Father, my God, brings me from the place of confusion and of despair to one of supernatural calm and clarity. He lets my heart cry out in joy and in sorrow, and He cares for me in all of the circumstances of life. God also brings people into my day who will listen and who bring encouragement, wisdom, and heavenly perspective to the situations that I am involved with. God never leaves me alone, and He does not want me to ever believe that I need to make any of my life decisions in isolation. In Christ, I am heard; in Christ, I am lovingly supported and provided with wisdom beyond measure.