In You, O Lord, do I take refuge; let me never be put to shame; in your righteousness deliver me!

Psalm 31: 1


Why do we seek refuge? In some areas, there are shelters that communities set up as safe places to go in case of natural disaster; some of us grew up in an era of worry and fear over the potential for international nuclear war, and we learned all about radiation proof shelters. Refuge is always a place to go where whatever it is that is trying to get you can’t grab you; safe and secure, there are always physical or legislative constraints on access to us.


Fortunately, we never tested the radiation proof shelters, for other shelters certainly do fail; sometimes people with power simply ignore the societal or the legislative sanctity of a location and go in after their intended victim. Sometimes our secure jobs, solid retirement investments, and community stature crumble and collapse leaving us insecure and anxiety plagued. The life-extending health and fitness plan is defeated by a singularly devastating disease or by a momentary misstep.


True security, real and impenetrable refuge comes from the only absolute power and total authority in the universe. The Lord will hold me close; He always has; He always will. No matter how hard evil may try to get through to me, God protects me; sometimes the form that the protection takes troubles me, for God does not always keep my money, my possessions, my job, or even my health whole and intact in the manner that I would like for Him to do. Still, the Lord protects and cares for me; everything that is important to me and for me is cared for.


No matter what happens, regardless of loss or defeat, when I look to the Lord for my sense of worth and for my security, I can always hold my head up high, look my fears in the face, and know that He has made me the victor in this life. The righteousness, the right living, of God covers me and directs my life in ways that no man made shelter or sanctuary, no plan that I can develop, could even begin to contemplate.