The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into His heavenly kingdom. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

2 Timothy 4: 18


Evil is everywhere; the world is full of badness, bleak events, corruption, and decay. The last day’s endeavors by chaos to propagate its own kind are in full motion, and they are filled with furry and driven by the cyclonic winds of destruction and death. From natural phenomena to human enterprise, the ways of destruction surround us.


This reality is hard to live with and really challenging to live through; yet, it makes sense in the light of God’s word, for He tells about the desperate attempts that Satan will employ to maintain his hold on the souls of people during these days just before the Christ returns to claim back His rightful kingdom.


Harder to handle is the evil that my own heart is capable of performing; there are things that I do and say, thoughts that I think, and fearful inaction that are not the way that God has directed and not in His righteous will. I do fear that when I wander away from His way of living and fail to live a life of worship and praise through the way that I love the people in my life, I am allowing evil a place in my world. Not only is this sadly painful for me, but it brings sorrow to my Lord.


Still, God promises me that He will bring me through all evil. He has rescued me from the permanent ownership of sin, He will keep me safe in all the ways that are truly important and from all of the attempts by evil to strike out at me, and the Lord will bring me back into His perfect will regardless of how far I roam away from Him.


I need to keep my heart oriented toward God’s love and continually seek His guidance throughout my day; when I remain in an attitude of praise and worship by recognizing that the Lord is the only source of strength and the only true safe harbor that I have in my day, then my wandering heart seems to just keep heading straight back to my Lord, and His protective love frees me to serve Him with joy and with confidence