Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

Hebrews 10: 24



Sometimes God speaks to us in simple terms, and at other times, He lays His thinking out in complex expressions. Here is a really simple statement that says a lot, for it speaks about some of the most important aspects of living as a Christian.


When God asks me to consider something, I think that He is saying to slow down, take time, and allow Him to talk it over with me. The Lord wants me to discuss the idea, and He really wants to dialogue about the people that are on my mind. The Father wants to give me an opportunity to truly understand His children while He is helping me to know that He absolutely gets who I am and where I am in life. This is the heart of prayer, conversation with God that leads me to grasp His view point, to embrace His approach to living, and to become ever closer to His love for me.


Jesus’ primary motivation for all that He did was to love people; He gave everything so that we could begin to understand God’s total love for us. The most important thing that God calls upon people to do is the same, He wants us to love others and to love them with the totality of our beings that Christ brings to His relationship with us. The Lord desires for me to be a person who brings love to the people that I encounter. In order to do this, I need to be confident and secure in my relationship with Him; then, I can open my heart to give to others, and that is how people are also compelled to give the deep care and concern that is motivated by God’s love to others.


Living well, doing good, is an expression of love, for this is the motivation that makes the things that we do offerings of worship to God and that prevents us from doing good so that we can look holy and righteous in order to gain respect and praise from people. This gets back to the idea of being confident and secure in how God views me; then, I don’t need the praise of people, and I can serve them as a form of truly fulfilling God’s wish to love and to care for them.


Deep, intimate, and personal conversation with God leads to an openness of the heart, and an open heart is receptive to loving others as God does. That love is the source for every good thing that we will do. When we follow this path, others will be motivated to do the same, for the ultimate expression of God’s love in my life is to lead someone else to the One who first loved me.