Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

1 John 4: 4b


This is a statement to delight in, to cling onto, and to claim as personal reality. This is a fact of living in relationship with God that establishes the platform for victory over every evil thing that can and that will come your way. The point of convergence of these two absolutely contrastive and opposing forces, God verses evil, is the flash point in the on-going struggle between the Lord and Satan. Like the collision that happens at the end of a full speed, head to head charge of two rams, the collision that results can seem to shake the earth.


The good news is that the spirit of God is infinitely mightier than any and all forces that Satan can bring forth. At times evil seems to be winning or at least seems to be winning in our personal struggles; yet, this is never true. It is an illusion, and any ground gained by evil will be taken back several fold by God. Still, the fight, the struggle, will continue, for Satan simply will not surrender until Jesus, in the perfect timing that only God knows, will totally and permanently defeat him.


Until then, we need to recognize the simple truth of victory through Christ over everything that will try to knock our spirits down. In Jesus, I win; evil loses, and that is all I actually need to know. The Spirit of God lives in me, and because of this, I am alive, lifted up, and totally victorious!