For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward Him.

2 Chronicles 16: 9


There are many people who claim that God is either passive or non existent, that He has no relevance in this world, and that He is unnecessary. Others believe that the only god that anyone needs is to be found inside of themselves; thus, each individual is the master of his own universe and is totally equipped to do and to handle everything alone.


I find all of these perspectives to be frightening, incredibly lonely, and disastrously wrong. I have learned that my strongest and most capable times are ones when I am yielding my will to God’s and when I allow Him to work with and through me. It is also true that God doesn’t just passively wait for things to happen; He is with me, He goes before me, and He protects my back. The Lord is a very real presence throughout my world for every hour of my day.


Now, consider what it means to be blameless, for I am not close to perfect, and my heart is certainly not always aligned with God’s will; yet, I know that God sees me as blameless, as forgiven of everything. Jesus has paid for all of my evil ways, and God sees Christ’s perfection when He looks at my weakness. The Spirit of God goes with me through everything and guides me toward His will, and His will is perfect, too.


Perhaps, the most important word in this ancient verse is “strong”, for that is what God brings to me. He gives me strength, He makes my frail will mighty, and He gives my cloudy thinking clarity. There is no partial or conditional involvement from the Lord; He is fully invested in our lives, and He is totally committed to us forever. Grant God access to your heart, to your concerns, and to your plans; He will continually fill you with His strength.