If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
1 Chronicles 7: 14

These words are the passionate and the impassioned cry of God to all people. The desire of His heart is expressed as the constant back drop of life; it is as if the winds, the waves, the harmonics of the earth, and the constant electrical static of space are a part of the sound of God’s voice. For the Lord is never still and continually reaching out to everyone.

We are all in need of His touch, too; whether we have a deep and long established relationship with God or if we have never even considered knowing Him, everyone needs to hear and to act upon the call of the Lord.

The process of becoming right with God and of living in His righteousness starts with the ability and the willingness to admit that we don’t have it together, that there are aspects of our way of living and of thinking that cause us to be separated from God. Personally, I need to frequently push my heart’s reset button so that my own false need to be recognized and my facade of self adequacy are set aside in the humility that opens me to hear and to follow God’s true will for me.

God’s desire to talk with me is utterly fascinating to me, for the Lord, God actually wants to enter into a conversation with me; that is amazing and wonderful, and I absolutely need to hear my Father’s words. Too much of what I feel, think, and act upon on my own is not within His desire and is therefore wicked. There are so many things that I could be doing that would be pleasing to God and that would be beneficial to others, and the way that I gain understanding of these differences between my natural ways and God’s desired one is through these conversations with Him.

As we follow God’s will and turn our lives over to Him, we start to live and to interact with people in ways that have an effect far beyond ourselves and our immediate circle of contact. God desires to heal the fatal disease of sin in the souls of all people; He also wants to see this world restored to the healthy balance of its Creation state. Until Christ returns, the decision to become transformed and to start the healing process rests with each individual person. You and I are commanded by God to become right with Him, to stay close to His will, to spread the word of His love, and to act on His behalf for all of the oppressed people in this world. Healing for our land will come through the hearts, heads, and humble actions of God’s people who continually stay close to His will and bravely live for the Lord.