The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Psalm 9: 9


When you need to catch your breath, or to bind up your battle wounds; if all of your energy is depleted, and you can no longer defend yourself; and in the moment when the answers to the life or death questions simply aren’t to be found, you probably feel like you just need a break from it all, a moment to catch your breath without being struck from behind.


This is what God is promising; this is what He brings to His people. The Lord does shelter and protect us for the time that it takes to regain strength and focus. He is the perfect getaway place, the high and secluded cliff where an enemy can not reach us, the mighty fortress with walls so tall and strong that they can not be breached. His place of refuge is fully stocked with all of the food, water, and medicine that we need to regain our strength and to repair our battle injuries. Then He will work through the strategies that we need to enter the struggle again. When we are ready to go out and reengage life, God will provide us with all that we need to win the day.


When we know God, we are never alone and never unprotected. When we call upon the Lord, He will always respond.