When Jesus saw the man lying there (by the healing pool) and knew that he had already been there a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be healed?”

John 5: 6


This is the question that God asks people every day; this is the opening of a dialogue that has been going on between the Lord and us since the beginning of time. We often respond by telling Him that we are completely healthy and that there is noting that we could possibly need that we don’t already possess in ourselves. Sometimes we say that we are too far gone to be worthy of the effort to heal us, and others say that we’ll check back later, go to the doctor, if we decide that the need is great enough.


These can be adequate responses when we are dealing with something like the flu; yet, even then, waiting to allow the physician access to our illness can be catastrophic or even fatal. How much more do we need treatment when the illness carries an absolutely fatal prognosis?


The man that Jesus came upon waiting by the spring was just like everyone else in this world; he was ill, crippled by the effects of disease, injury, and neglect; he knew that he desired to be made whole, and he had no idea about how that was truly possible. Hopeless, helpless, and beyond desperation, he waited for the miracle but didn’t trust that there would ever be one, he dreamed of walking upright while knowing that this would never be his waking reality.


Jesus walks into the lives of everyone, everywhere; God’s Spirit is resident in the souls of each person who has allowed Him to heal us; thus, Jesus goes with us through every day that we live. Sure, there are still symptoms of the illness, and there are days when these relatively minor ailments get us down, but the fatal disease, the heart infection of sin has been permanently conquered. Each of us who knows Jesus as our personal healer needs to share the joy of getting up off of the sick bed that evil tried to tie us to with the fatally ill who surround us daily.


Jesus allows us the privilege of walking into the lives of others and of inviting them to do as He said to the sick man, “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” John 5: 8 


Take the message of healing to the fatally ill in your life; carry the simple yet profound truth of God’s perfect love to each and every person that you find waiting for the miracle by the side of the pool, for Jesus wants us to bring His message of faith, trust, and hope to His beloved lost sheep; He wants us to do as He continually did and walk into people’s lives.