Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants (bond-slaves) of God.

1 Peter 2:16


The history of people has been told in terms of a great chase story; we run away from the perfect will, safety, and love of our Creator, and God comes after us with the diligence and the passion of a father whose child has wandered off into a world filled with great danger. In part, this is the story of my own life; there have been times when I look away from Him and start to seek after things that are not His will, and God always calls to me and chases after me and, thankfully, His voice always penetrates the through my stubborn, thick-headed heart and brings me back to the perfect safety and everlasting peace of God’s design and plan for my life.


We people have a very bad habit of selling ourselves; we think that we have needs that are not being met, we have desires that can not be fulfilled, and we have a vision for life that God just does not understand; so, we leave His righteousness, and we put our hearts and our minds on display in the slave auction of allegiance; where we sell ourselves to the low bid of evil. I make no apology if this is painful, I have felt it in myself, and I feel it for others when I see them doing it. God is terribly hurt by us when we do this, too.  He is like Michael Douglas’ character in the film Traffic, who searches everywhere and will do anything to bring his daughter home from the dangerous and potentially deadly life choices that she has made.


With a Father who loves us this much, and the gift of a new start that frees us from every commitment and cancels all of the debt that we have incurred to evil, why should we continue to run back to that auction block? When we are feeling the urge, the need to do this, we are being deluded, and we are delusional. The idea that we will find anything worthwhile and lasting outside of God’s will and righteous plan is planted in our minds by Satan.


When the urge or the perceived need to move away from God in order to find what you need to make life fulfilling and complete arises, turn, instead, toward the Lord; talk with Him about the need; open your heart to someone who knows Him; and let His absolute love bring you what you truly need. These moments of decision are opportunities for our spirits to grow and for our relationships with God to become deeper; we are given the opportunity to live in true freedom, and to select who we serve. Who do you choose to serve?