Indeed we felt that we had received the sentence of death, but that was to make us trust not in ourselves but in God who raises the dead.

2 Corinthians 1: 9


I’m sorry if this seems truly selfish, but this verse is mine; I claim it all for myself. This is not because I am so wonderfully and consistently filled with the capacity to trust; rather, I claim it because this is where I fail so badly, and I do it with true consistency.


My issues, in part, involve trying to solve all of my problems and challenges alone; feeling troubled and frightened and hiding those feelings; letting the lie of going it alone overcome the truth of Christ’s loving provision; and being unwilling to fully open my heart and my mind to the people that God has placed into my life. All of these behaviors lead to isolation, separation, and frustration. This going it alone approach is a part of the old person who did not know God; it is a legacy from my ancestors who decided that they would be better off making their own decisions rather than trusting God’s direction, and I admit that I do slip too easily back into the trap of this form of living.


Trust involves openness, willingness, and receptivity. Trusting in God is actually the only rational and reasonable way to live, for He is the only One who has defeated the evil that causes the true death of our souls.  The Lord also takes us through the hardest and the most challenging of situations in life, the ones that can feel as if death would be better; He fills the bitter loneliness and He removes the chill of isolation from our hearts. The Spirit of God is in us and with us, and God brings people to us who will go with us through everything.


Most of us struggle to some degree with the ability to take the risk that trust involves; yet, if the weakness and the compromises that come from going it on our own are to be overcome, we need to turn to the safest place that there is in all of Creation. Christ loves me and will carry my burdens; He will provide me with everything that I need, and He does bring the required help and support to me.


For this day, I purpose to fear nothing, to open myself to God totally, and to seek His support as expressed through the people that the Lord brings into my life.